Body Motion Class

Become part of the revolution to create amazing movers & shakers in Corvallis and Oregon. This 4-week class will help you develop the basics of working your "assets." You will improve your coordination, range of motion, and speed of movement to enhance your Cuban salsa dancing as well as add more tools to utilize on the dance floor. Useful for Casino (Cuban salsa) dancers as well as anyone who wants to move their body in fun, new ways. Open to all ability levels as well as both leads and follows. Must have completed our Level 1 Cuban Salsa class or have equivalent experience. If you lack experience but would love to take the class, please send an email to Jaime at

What will we cover?

  • Body Isolations - develop and improve your coordination and control

  • Styling for Casino - add and enhance styling to your Cuban salsa dancing to make it more beautiful (or masculine), smooth, and elegant. This section will be mainly geared toward ladies' styling, but if there are men/leads in the class, guidance on how to add styling for a lead will be included.

  • Reggaeton Drills - we'll combine common reggaeton motions to develop more coordination and build a toolset of embellishments to throw into your Casino dancing and/or work it during a reggaeton song.





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If you have any questions, feel free to email Jaime Fuller at

Become Empowered to Move Your Body!