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Founded by Mike Eskeldson and Simona Boucek, Rumbanana makes its home in Corvallis, Oregon, our headquarters for all the wild mayhem we get into. We promote Cuban music and dance by shaking our a#$es off all over the world. Seriously, we love Cuban Salsa (Casino), Rueda de Casino and are totally addicted to Timba. UNA BULLA! 


Rumbanana officially launched in Corvallis in the winter of 2006 after living and partying in Eugene, Oregon for several years. Our first appearance on the International scene was Cuba Baila in Vancouver, B.C. (ah, the memories). Rumbanana has since performed, partied and taught workshops all over the U.S., Mexico and Europe.

All classes are taught by Mike in a format that is fun and social. Mike has studied and danced Casino (Cuban Salsa) and Rueda de Casino for close to two decades, and now teaches and performs all over the world. Mike is the instructor of all the community and university classes in Corvallis, Oregon.


Mike has studied, danced, performed, and taught Cuban Salsa for more than a decade. He is the fearless leader of Rumbanana. His mission is to share his addiction of Cuban music and dance and to boldly seek out new information, resources, and music.


Mike is available for private lessons, workshops, and special events. Email for more info.


Jaime has been studying and dancing Cuban Salsa for over ten years. She began taking classes from Rumbanana in 2009 and joined the Rumbanana performance team in 2010. She and Mike co-teach the Cuban Salsa PAC classes at Oregon State University, and she assists him in teaching workshops around the country. Jaime occasionally offers workshops and classes in body movement.

Jaime is available for private lessons and workshops. Email her at for more info.

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