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An introduction to Cuban Salsa (Casino) as well as the beginner motions of Rueda de Casino. Foundation motions include Guapea, Dile Que No, Vacilala and Enchufla plus a ton of Rueda moves. No experience required ... meant for a total beginner in Cuban Salsa.


The Beginner class has a rotating 2-month curriculum (A & B).

Week 1 

New:  A) Basic (Guapea)   B) Basic (Guapea) & Dile Que No

Rueda: Dame una, Dame la Loca, Echeverria, Un Fly, Toca la Cabeza (Rodilla, Culo, etc.), Bing Bong, Besame

Concept: Building and being part of a big, fun a social dance community

Week 2

New: A) Dile Que No   B) Siete

Rueda: Damela por las Manos, Principe Bueno, Princesa Mala


Concept: Supporting the bar by buying drinks and food makes it possible to do our classes and parties


Week 3

New: A) Enchufla   B) La Prima & La Prima con la Hermana

Rueda: Un Fly Fiesta

Focus: Rhythm

Concept: Using the core motions in couple's dancing

Week 4

New: A) Vacilala   B) Al Medio, P'bajo, Exhibela

Rueda: Enchunfla con Reina, con Clave, con el Medico

Focus: Couples dancing practice

Concept: Supporting and appreciating the music and musicians

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