Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Do I need a partner?

Nope! We change partners in class regularly, and if the class is imbalanced, we can call in some ringers to help even the odds.​

  • Are walk-ins allowed?

We prefer that you register ahead of time to make sure we can plan on having enough leads and follows to make the class fun. You are welcome to show up the first day of class without registering ahead of time, but after the first week, we don't allow people to join the class unless they have gotten approval from Mike. If you'd like to check in about starting after the first week, please email

  • Can I just attend and pay for one class at a time?

To make sure the class has consistent numbers and that the ability of the class moves forward together, we only offer the four-week class for $50.​ Drop-ins are not accepted.

  • Do I need prior dance experience?

Not at all. Our Level 1 class is geared toward the absolute beginner.​

  • I've done some LA/New York/Ballroom style salsa in the past. Can I start at a higher level?

Cuban salsa is quite a bit different from other styles. It's best to start from the beginning, so that you have a solid foundation as the difficulty increases.​ That being said, you are welcome to register for any level between levels 1 and 3, and if you decide it's too difficult or stressful for you, you can drop back to a more comfortable level. You must get approval from Mike to take level 4 and above.

  • What is Casino?

Casino is what Cubans call "Cuban salsa." It is a couple's dance​ that has its origins in Son and Rumba.

  • What is Rueda?

This is a Cuban group dance called Rueda de Casino (a wheel of Casino dancers). It's basically a circle of couples with a caller. The caller calls out names of moves and uses hand signals, so that everyone in the wheel is synchronized. Partners change regularly during the rueda, so you get to dance with everyone in the circle instead of just one person. It's dynamic, social, and very interactive.

  • What music is Casino/Cuban Salsa danced to?

Timba music. Some of the top Timba bands in the world are Los Van Van, Habana de Primera, and Charanga Habanera, to name a few.