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Jaime and Mike offer private coaching for individuals, couples, and small groups, whether it's for fun or to prepare for a special event. We especially welcome people who are shy or feel they lack rhythm or coordination.


  • You'll learn at a more rapid pace than in group classes and can focus on areas you most need help with

  • Your schedule doesn't allow you to attend the community classes

  • You want to prepare for a special event, such as a wedding

  • You want to have a fun activity for the people at a special event you are hosting

Private dance lessons are perfect if you...

  • Get nervous in a group class setting and prefer working one-on-one

  • Want to learn at your own speed rather than be rushed (or slowed) by the pace of a group class

  • Want to become a better dancer faster

  • Have a busy schedule and want to maximize your time

  • Want to take your dancing to the next level by improving your leading/following, rhythm, technique, styling, musicality, etc.

  • Are preparing for a special event or trip



During private dance lessons, you’ll get one-on-one instruction customized to your interests, learning speed, and comfort level. Here are some of things you’ll learn:

  • Accurate footwork for foundation moves and combinations

  • Proper body mechanics for the legs, hips, chest, shoulders, and arms

  • How to lead and/or follow better, so you can dance with anyone

  • How to hear the beat and keep time to Timba music

  • Musicality - adding embellishments to your dance by listening to the music

  • Styling techniques that ensure you look and feel good when you're dancing



By appointment only.

Lessons can take place at your home, outdoors at the Corvallis waterfront (weather-dependent), or in Odd Fellows Studio. A $24 charge will be added to utilize the studio.


Private lessons are scheduled by appointment only. Payment is due at the lesson. We have a 48-hour cancellation policy.


Schedule your private lesson now!

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