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What better way to explore Cuba than to learn dance from the best teachers in Havana, visit the countryside, and take part in the vibrant nightlife?

Rumbanana Havana:

10 Days in Cuba

Dance instruction with top professional dance teachers

Nights out at the most famous music clubs in Havana

A dash of Son

A lot of Timba

240 hours of crazy fun!


Registration is open! We cannot accept any more followers, but we there are a couple of spots left for leads only.

The excitement and thrill of Rumbanana Havana commences June 20th, 2020. Join our ten-day adventure to an island and culture shrouded in mystery for most of us.













What makes our trip so different from other trips you can take to Cuba?

    Community. Not only will you have an opportunity to travel with fun people from your very own dance community here in the Corvallis area, but you'll benefit from all of the amazing experiences that are created specifically for a group of Corvallisites. This is because Rumbanana has relationships and connections in Cuba that will make your trip one of a kind. You'll benefit from the exposure you'll get to top professionals in Cuban music and dance, connections that have been developed over the years with the people of Corvallis and the surrounding areas. You'll come away from this as an incredible experience that you shared with friends, and you'll be able to bring back that shared, vibrant energy to the community you see two or three times a week.

Check out all the juicy details here:

Start your registration by following this link:

You'll be guided through a few questions about you, encounter a couple of forms to sign...bippity bap! Deposit to confirm your spot is $600. Then you'll be on track for an awesome Cuban adventure next June!

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